Sunday, April 20, 2014

Extreme Writing Extravaganza!!!

Okay the last few weeks I have been a little behind in writing. I brought my word count down to 30,000 words which is okay. It is I have a lot of reading I have to get through and will also be getting and reading some books and do reviews on them. I am very excited to read other peoples works. I just received Memory of water by Emmi Itäranta, which I won from a Harper Voyager giveaway. I will be reading this in the month of May and reviewing it. The book is set to publish June 10th. I am very excited to start this. Oooo and look at the cover isn't it so pretty!
Anyways back to my journey in writing my second book. I have finally gotten to the scenes I have been dying to write. Where my main character goes back in the past and witnesses what her mother goes through. She will learn how even when preparing for peace how love and war can still intercede and turn things deadly. She will learn many secrets that were hidden from her and the Eventide group and what she must do when she gets back to her own time. I know I have not posted and excerpt yet but I will do that this Monday. So be ready for that.

I have also killed 2 of  my pens this weekend so good news all around. I have been writing with a set of five different colored pens plus a regular black one. I started out with black, purple, green, blue, pink, and orange. I first killed the purple, then orange, and then pink. I am now left with blue, green, and the black one. Though I think honestly the black one will be next to run out of ink. It is showing signs of failing. I am surprised the green one made it this long since that is my favorite color and I love writing in that color. But I think it has stuck it out with me to see me through all this writing. I have been using these six pens since my first book that I wrote in November. I have a package of more colored pens I think there is twelve in this next pack so more colors to choose from! Yay! I love flipping through the journal I write in and just looking at all the words in different colors. I have been writing in color since I was in school, it just stuck with me.

I know my counter at the top still says that I am about at 15,000 words but starting Monday - Wednesday that will change since I will be typing up all the pages I have written over the weekend. I may even start today if I am not to tired. I already know when I first start typing I have a lot of words to add to that first day since I put a post-it note in there saying to add more memories and write most of the ones she see's out and describe them. THATS RIGHT you heard right she is finally going to remember everything in this book. For the most part I only wrote a half a page on her getting her memory back but I have to add lots to that and put lots of feelings into it. That is mostly why I am wanting to start typing early to get to that part and be ready to write that part up on Monday.

On a side note I am not happy with how slow I am having to read The King by J.R. Ward. Not happy at all! That is part of the reason why I put my word count down from 50,000 to 30,000. This book is getting so good but noooo I can't read the book until I get my writing in for the day and oh look that took so long that now I only have about 20 minutes to read. :(  And of course have to spend some time with my significant other so he doesn't feel left out. Also can't forget my doggy Marvin. Have to play with him he helps inspire me when no one is around. Where is that clone machine!

Well now I am off to write some more and maybe get 45 minutes this time in for reading. That is write I am ahead of my writing for the night! Whoop whoop! I did a bunch of word sprints on twitter and can now relax. But not to much! Still would like to get past 30,000 words before the end of the month.

Let me know how your writing progress is going or editing process is going? And what books do you want to read next month?

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