Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo Winner!

Whew that was a rough couple of weeks there. But now I am an official winner! Look at that I got a badge and everything to show off! My goal was 30k for this month and I surpassed it hitting 30,627 words on 4/29/2014. I do have one more day and do plan to write at the virtual write in with the NaNoWriMo people over at youtube.

But I did it Yippie *throws confetti* Everyone should party now!

Okay now that, that is done I will be having to finish the book. I only wrote thirty thousand words now I have to keep going and finish it. I am not sure if I will keep writing this one next month or set it a side till next camp which will be in July. I do have another book I am working on called Outcast so I can choose between these to to write. I will not be writing as much in May but I plan to get some words written down.

I will keep the counter up for this April to show what my final tally is after tomorrows word count. See if I got any farther.  Also if you click on the writings tab I will keep the word counts up to date when I do write on any of my works in progress. I think in May my main goal is to go back to editing my first novel and finish that so I can get it out to friends and family so they can read it.

Hope all of you are doing well with your writings, readings, or whatever your pleasure.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Excerpt from A Soul Forgotten: An Alexia Kremer Novel (Book 2)

I know I did promise you guys a view of some of my work that I am doing for Camp Nano. I will show you part of the first chapter and how it is so far. First draft and what not. Since I am coming up on the last week of camp its crunch time. I am almost at 24K words so far so not that far from my 30K goal. I am also not even to the half way point of my book so I have a long way to go still till its finished.  Just to let you know how much something can change from the first draft edit  to the final written piece, I had my first chapter change drastically in the first book. I had most of the parts from the original first chapter I wrote in there but spread out over four chapters. I've learned that even though when you are done writing your piece of work and it is your cherished baby that some times one has to change some some things to make it better. Now here is the an excerpt from chapter 1. Enjoy.

Chapter 1
Dear Diary,

They signed the treaty papers today. My life is officially over, and is no longer my own. How can I be expected to marry someone I don’t even know? Mother says I will grow to like him, if not love him. It is the best for both of our groups. The Night Fall and Day Light groups have been at each other’s throats since before I was born. We are no longer in ancient times. I should be free enough to be with who I want. I should have a choice. I don’t understand how two simple marriages can change everything. People are not so easy to change after so many years of war. Jade my big sister seems fine with all of this and is ready to lead the people toward that change. She says it is our duty and must be done for the better of our future. She thinks that I am just young and stupid for wanting to follow my heart. Well that’s fine if she is okay with marrying not for love but that is not me. And I refuse to bow. We meet with the brothers next week when they come to visit. What I wouldn’t give to get out of meeting with them. It’s really too bad that we are home schooled; perhaps I could play sick and get out of seeing them for at least a day or two. Ugh to depressed now to go on. Hopefully I find some way out of this.
Life sucks,
I reread over the first entry, ingraining each sentence into my mind. My eyes fill with tears as I caress the thing pages. The pages filled with my mother’s words. I shut the diary, reading the post-it note on top that simply says ‘Read Me’.
I look around the quiet room. Ghosts tread quietly through these dusty rooms. The library is stocked huge and small books piling around corners. While healing from my encounter with the Night Fall group I wandered the halls in search for answers. Or something to pass the time while being cooped up in this place. No matter how extravagant and huge the place was it still felt like a cage when one couldn’t go anywhere. I combed the halls and shelves for something that was a part of my parents. This is their house there should be something of theirs left. Something that could help guide me.
Someone must have seen what I searched for, and wanted answers. Someone left this here for me on purpose, but whom? Who would want to help me from afar and not come forward to help me personally?
I asked Natasha once about my parents when I first arrived here. She was less than forthcoming, though that could be because her and Quintan are super busy as of late. They are helping me with this rogue group, which I now call Eventide. It is a place where all and any are welcome despite which group one is born into. They help me keep up appearances since I have been unwell and don’t exactly know what I am doing.
I believe in this place whole heartedly, if I didn’t I would find some way to leave. Though we’re can I go, really? If I am found anywhere other than this place I could be captured and used by one group and killed by the other. Great time to be an heir. How did my life get so complicated? Although I suppose it always was so. Just never remembered it quite that way till lately.
“Alexia?” A loud voice yells from outside the library.
“Greta?” I yell back. My voice echoes back to me. Glancing around I quickly look for a spot to hide the diary. I had a feeling this was meant for my eyes only. Though what others would do with it I had no clue, and I’m not willing to risk it either.
“Where are you woman!?” She exasperates.
“Back here in the stacks.” I groan as I hide the diary behind some books on the lowest shelf near my studying area, that I have called my own.
Greta rounds the corner as I walk slowly back towards the desk, that I am working at. There were many other books strewn about. I pick them up organizing them and tidying up. Finding something for my hands to work with.
“What are you doing all the way back here? One could get lost in this place.”
“Wouldn’t that be a grand thing? To get lost in a place with all these stories to surround oneself with.” I smile.
“No. This place gives me the creeps.” She rubs her arms, and wraps them around herself.
“Well to me it is a calming place where I can come to think and get answers.”
“That is kind of why I am here. But first how are you feeling today?” Greta gives her a hard stare.
“Other than the black highlights I now have in my hair, that doesn’t seem to be going away, fine.” I reply honestly enough. Though I did pull a few long nights recently searching this place.
“It’s been a few weeks. I’m glad to see you doing so well.” She ducks and grabs one of the larger tombs that I held in my arms. “If you would fully rest you would have been better days ago.”
“Really. Do you really think the people are going to wait? They don’t already want answers?”
Greta sets the book down on the cluttered desk and focuses on the stack of books that the table held up. “Well Quintan did say he thought it would be best if you addressed everyone, and soon.”
“See. I knew that would happen. That is why I have been in here picking up on things I am going to have to know in order to help out more around here. I can’t rely on Natasha and Quintan for much longer.”
“True. I told him though that you had to be feeling one hundred percent better before you go up against the masses though.”
“Well I am, so now what?”
“He has them gathered in one of the meeting rooms and asked for me to bring you in if you were well enough.”
“Well then what are we waiting for?” I huff as I straighten the last few books. Hopefully they would be here when I came back and didn’t have to go hunt them all down again.
She smiles at me. “I am waiting for you to think better of this idea and to tell me you are still unwell.”
“What good would that do? These people aren’t going to go away. I am surprised they haven’t barged into my room yet and demand me to do my job. Also last I checked there is no one else willing to fill my spot, on a permanent basis.”
“Your mother and father set you up well. With reliable people. These people as well as I believe in their cause and by product their child. They have been waiting twenty-four years for you. They think they have been patient enough don’t you think.” She cocks her head in question.
I motion for her to go before me. “Then lead the way.”
Her mouth forms a thin line as she looks at me and nods in acceptance. She moves gracefully through the stacks, her plain dress moves back and forth in time with her steps.
I glance back at the diaries hidden spot. I bite my lip as my fingers itch to hold onto part of my mother again. I step away from the bookcase and stop there feeling a strong pull. My heart ached to leave her words behind.
“Are you coming?” Greta calls back.
I stride down the columns quickly to catch up. “Right behind you.”
Silence surrounds us as we turn the corners, twisting this way and that, in order to get back to the front of the library. I trail my fingers over the spines making a tapping noise on each of the spines, which my finger tips hit. Most of the books held here were stories or guides to something. It was a place to find all sorts of answers. Answers about what one could be where one originated from, and what one could do with their powers. Of course there were also sections that held more normal fiction books for some light reading. I mean this is a library, it should contain all sorts of books not just the factual ones. Yet still this place seemed to have secrets hidden of its own. As if the library had a mind of its own. Haunted by a past forgotten.
“You’re awfully quiet, back there.” Greta remarks as we spill out into the front of the library. A fireplace warms the room but doesn’t reach far into it.
I shrug my shoulders and realize she isn’t turned around to see it. “How man am I meeting with today?”
“All and any who could make it. Quintan opened it up for any who wanted to come.”
I come to a standstill right outside of the tall and heavy oak doors. “All of them.” I gasp.
“I saw quite a big crowd when I came here to find you. So quiet a few.”
“Can I change my answer on how I feel?”
She laughs out right. “I warned you. Quintan thought it best to get it over and done with though. People were getting on edge. So even if you did not show up he needed to address the people’s concerns.”
“So I guess it is too late to tell him that I do not approve of this kind of meeting. He didn’t even think to ask me how I would like to handle this.”
“He is talking with everyone now, handling things how he sees fit. If I go in there and tell him you are still not feeling well he will just make you do it some other day. Or find a worse way to address the masses.”
“True.” I sigh.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Extreme Writing Extravaganza!!!

Okay the last few weeks I have been a little behind in writing. I brought my word count down to 30,000 words which is okay. It is I have a lot of reading I have to get through and will also be getting and reading some books and do reviews on them. I am very excited to read other peoples works. I just received Memory of water by Emmi Itäranta, which I won from a Harper Voyager giveaway. I will be reading this in the month of May and reviewing it. The book is set to publish June 10th. I am very excited to start this. Oooo and look at the cover isn't it so pretty!
Anyways back to my journey in writing my second book. I have finally gotten to the scenes I have been dying to write. Where my main character goes back in the past and witnesses what her mother goes through. She will learn how even when preparing for peace how love and war can still intercede and turn things deadly. She will learn many secrets that were hidden from her and the Eventide group and what she must do when she gets back to her own time. I know I have not posted and excerpt yet but I will do that this Monday. So be ready for that.

I have also killed 2 of  my pens this weekend so good news all around. I have been writing with a set of five different colored pens plus a regular black one. I started out with black, purple, green, blue, pink, and orange. I first killed the purple, then orange, and then pink. I am now left with blue, green, and the black one. Though I think honestly the black one will be next to run out of ink. It is showing signs of failing. I am surprised the green one made it this long since that is my favorite color and I love writing in that color. But I think it has stuck it out with me to see me through all this writing. I have been using these six pens since my first book that I wrote in November. I have a package of more colored pens I think there is twelve in this next pack so more colors to choose from! Yay! I love flipping through the journal I write in and just looking at all the words in different colors. I have been writing in color since I was in school, it just stuck with me.

I know my counter at the top still says that I am about at 15,000 words but starting Monday - Wednesday that will change since I will be typing up all the pages I have written over the weekend. I may even start today if I am not to tired. I already know when I first start typing I have a lot of words to add to that first day since I put a post-it note in there saying to add more memories and write most of the ones she see's out and describe them. THATS RIGHT you heard right she is finally going to remember everything in this book. For the most part I only wrote a half a page on her getting her memory back but I have to add lots to that and put lots of feelings into it. That is mostly why I am wanting to start typing early to get to that part and be ready to write that part up on Monday.

On a side note I am not happy with how slow I am having to read The King by J.R. Ward. Not happy at all! That is part of the reason why I put my word count down from 50,000 to 30,000. This book is getting so good but noooo I can't read the book until I get my writing in for the day and oh look that took so long that now I only have about 20 minutes to read. :(  And of course have to spend some time with my significant other so he doesn't feel left out. Also can't forget my doggy Marvin. Have to play with him he helps inspire me when no one is around. Where is that clone machine!

Well now I am off to write some more and maybe get 45 minutes this time in for reading. That is write I am ahead of my writing for the night! Whoop whoop! I did a bunch of word sprints on twitter and can now relax. But not to much! Still would like to get past 30,000 words before the end of the month.

Let me know how your writing progress is going or editing process is going? And what books do you want to read next month?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I love spring Book Tag

I have got a busy day ahead of me. I have to type up the three days worth of writing still and then possibly do some more writing. I might have to change my goal from 50,000 words to 40,000 this month. We will se though. I also want to do some reading some time today since I haven't been wanting to read The King like I want to. Since writing is the priority right now. I also at some time have to go get groceries. Why do we still have to do house work when we have so many other things to do!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Book / Movie Review of Divergent and Ender's game / Writing update

Okay so earlier this week I went and saw Divergent and I also watched Ender's game after reading the book. I have also read the Divergent trilogy. I always like to read the book before watching the movie, that way I can see the similarities and differences between the two. Of course the book is better overall, but I like to see how close they come to actual book.

Okay first I will discuss Divergent. First off I have noticed lately in a lot of movie endings they like changing the ending. For the most part it ends the same its just how they get to the ending that differs. But overall I liked the movie. I especially liked the fear challenges she had to do and how they were portrayed. I just found out that they are going to be doing the last movie Allegiant in two parts. I still don't know how they are going to fully do this. The last book didn't have to much that was going on. Though I am intrigued on what the movies will be like.

On to the second movie I watched. Ender's Game! I have had the movie on my shelf for quiet a while, ever since it came out on dvd. I also had the book on my shelves to read. I finally was like okay I have to read this so I can finally watch the movie. The movie was kind of slow and didn't interest me as much as I thought it would. The book was more exciting then the movie. I also didn't like how they had to do the timeline. I know they have to fit all the information in to a certain amount of time. But that made it feel rushed. In the movie his training seems to take place all within a year. In the book it was over five or six years. I also did not like how Bean was introduced right away. I did like how they put the video game he played in space in there, I liked seeing the castle and giant depicted. The ending battle felt more like a battle to me then it did in the book. That is the one plus. Again though they changed the ending. And this time in a major way. I know in the book they were more grown up when he went to another planet with his sister but still, they traveled together. Also the movie left out the whole plot with Ender's sister and brother. I did not like that, it was a major point and also showed how crazy and psychotic Peter was.

Over all if I did not read the book Ender's game before watching the movie I would have been bored from the movie and probably not  have read the book. That is why I always make myself try to read the book first.


Okay Earlier I said I would do a big update on how my writing is coming so far this month. Well the main answer is I am a bit behind in my word count for the month. I typed up everything I had by Tuesday and I was supposed to be at about 11,000 words and I was only at about 6,500 words. So I am a little bit behind. I hope to make it up this weekend though. We will see. So far I have not really ran into any problems, such as plot holes or writers block. So that is a plus. 

The only problem that might happen and one I am kind of worrying over is when Lexi gets trapped in her mother's past body and has to relieve her memories. I think I will keep it in first person and hope its not to confusing but might go another way with it. I am not quite there yet so the story can always change by then.When I first started this story I thought that Lexi was going to go right into the past and not deal to much with the present, but of course my character has a mind of her own. She had to have a reason to go back in the past and find answers there. So she made me go this way instead. It is her story to tell why not. I'm just the writer, writing her story. 

I think the only reason I got behind in the first place was because I couldn't write one of the nights at work. These people made me turn up the music and most of the time I have to have total silence when writing. Every once and a while I can have noise but nothing that holds my interest. So no songs that I will start singing to and no movies that I haven't seen before. 

The scene I had the most fun with so far is when she for the first time turns fully into a badger. I love the imagery I could put into the scene. And especially the confusion that took place the next morning. Lexi doesn't remember most of what happened  and Jason (a Dragon shifter) and a guard finds her burrowed under leaves for warmth. 
 Also because it is a must to show off what some of my characters look like here is what I think Flare, the younger elemental sister looks like. Of course please remember these are pictures of their adult selves, right now they are little girls.
And this is the eldest sister Flame. 

I can not yet find a picture that closely represents the Sear the middle sister but I will keep searching and let you guys know if I find something. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

March Book Haul/ Wrap up

Also I just finished logging in all my unread books that I own and will have a TBR (To be read) Jar ready to go for next month. Hopefully that will help me read books that I have had on my shelves for quite a while.

Writing Update:

I have about 21 pages front and back hand written. I just have to type them up hopefully by today and then will have a more accurate word count. I will tell you more about this last week of writing in more detail at that time. Till then enjoy. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Baby shower pictures/ Camp NaNoWriMo

 I went to a friends baby shower this last weekend. and she had two cakes there. They both were super cute. She want's the gender of the baby to be a surprise so that is why the cake is asking what will it bee?
I had such a great time and miss hanging out with her. I can't wait till the end of the month which is when she is due so that I can buy him or her the cutest outfit. Also got to talk to a woman who has lived in Arkansas. So we talked to her about the places we are checking into to possibly live. Since we are looking into moving there or to Oklahoma. Possibly. Nothings for sure yet of course.
 This is my friend and her sister having fun at the party! She did a great job setting up the whole thing.
Here she is opening up her first present!

Camp NaNoWriMo:

So I have just started writing and have written about three pages worth so far. Of course I am doing this long hand so when I do get some of it typed up I will update the word count. It is going well so far. I will also put up an excerpt when I get it typed up. Already I know there are going to be some interesting problems happening to my main character. I'm not sure how they are going to pan out but will figure it out once I get there I suppose.

I have a feeling this book will probably end up around 75,000 words instead of the 50k I stated for the month but I'm hoping to get at least 50k in for this month. There is just a lot to it a lot that will need explaining. Especially since most of it deals in the past.

Well that's all I got for now. Until next time.