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Pure Death (Book #1) by Liah Penn

Genre: Dystopian, Mystery 
Published: Dec. 23, 2014
Publisher: Etopia Press
Pages: 202
Source: Red Moon Book Tours
A murdered society debutante, her body sprinkled with 89 Costa Rican butterflies. A headless, gutted corpse washed up on shore with a beautiful, dead teenager. The case is anything but straightforward, and in an uncertain future, where resources are limited and the genetically defective are banished to a ghetto territory for Impures, Chief Detective Ina Stone and her partner, rookie detective Sam Fujimoto, must cross into Pure Territory to find a killer. An Impure herself, Ina must overcome her defect. And when her life is threatened, she must learn to rely on Sam, whose interest in her seems more than just professional.

Yet the Pures may have created a world in which even they don’t want to live anymore. Resources have become too scarce to hide, and a black market for medicine comes to light. When a third murder is discovered, Ina and Sam know there’s a connection. With too many suspects and not enough time, they must find that connection before the killer strikes again. I had been born Pure, just after the War, a perfect baby, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and parents who tested in the top one percent of the intelligence quotient. But I wasn’t perfect. When I was pulled from my mother’s womb my left hand was withered, damaged, and bent. Now, as I walked home, I pulled the defective hand out of my pocket and left it out. Just in case. IP Territory was a dangerous place to live.

The rain had stopped by the time I left the bar, so as I navigated the oily streets, my ears were alert for signs of trouble. It was nearly two o’clock in the morning. The mist hung in sheets and my hair was beaded with pearls of moisture like spider’s eggs on a black widow’s web. I could feel the damp and cold seeping into my bones. I recalled the glistening of body fluids under the decomposed body, oozing from the flesh as it fell like parchment from the sinewy muscle and bones.

I stopped in my tracks and thought. Was the ground under the body dry? No, it was wet. But not just from the body fluids. No blood. We saw that. But the dirt, not dry. Moist. Black, silty Mississippi river mud. Had the body been placed after it had started raining? Or had it washed up on shore? Was that what Melker meant when he said the person hadn’t died there? I felt the evidence bag in my pocket. I’d have to log it in on Monday.

I walked on, the street lamps casting an amber hue, burnishing the decaying buildings with its light. Oil on the streets weeped into puddles creating rainbows in the grime. The shiny pen-like object on the chain. Why wasn’t it dirty and oily? Or had it been washed clean by the rain before the body had been placed at the dump site? Was it even related?

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Liah Penn is an author and attorney who resides outside of New Orleans, Louisiana with her husband and two sons.  A former prosecutor, she has worked on an Indian reservation, on the Mexican border and as a small town lawyer.  She is hard at work on the second book in the Ina Stone and Sam Fujimoto mystery, “Pure Justice”.

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I received this book from Red Moon Book Tours for the book tour, all reviews and opinions are my own.  If you would like to check out the rest of the blog tour click here for the official schedule. 

This was an interesting take on what a world divided would be like. I would have loved to see more of the world and how it worked. It seems to me like there would be a lot more impures compared to pures, and then why wouldn't they rise up and do something about the injustice that is happening. I know most grow up knowing that their DNA is impure and what is best for the world is pure blood to only live on. It really brings home what our lives could have been like if parts of our history went another way.

I like how Sam and Ina work together to solve and figure out what is going on in their case. The romance was a nice slow build, not to rushed. I think other than Ina, Sam's father was my favorite side character. Though it was touch and go there for a moment. Ina is a strong character with many walls to hide behind because of her defect she doesn't want to be treated any different then the others so she hides it and works twice as hard to make up for it. Sam brings her out of her comfort zone and gets beyond some of those walls. She learns that it's not always about what is on the outside but what is on the inside that matters most.

The book was a little predictable, I figured out who the murderer most likely was in the first part of the book. Even though I knew that it didn't ruin my experience of the book at all. It was action packed and full of lies and deceit even from pures who are supposed to be perfect in basically every way. 

I am very excited to read the next book when it comes out to see if someone is going to do something. I mean there are pures that get kicked out of pure territory for one reason or another, that are still technically pure. Then there are people like Ina that do have pure blood just get disfigured through out life or from in the womb like Ina. I call that a pretty big injustice and don't think most will sit there and deal with it for long. Also after that cliff hanger I am excited to see what happens next. 

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Jinn and Juice (Book #1) by Nicole Peeler

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Published: April 7, 2015
Publisher: Orbit
Pages: 384

Source: NetGalley
Cursed to be a jinni for a thousand years, Leila nears the end of her servitude—only to be bound once again against her will. Will she risk all to be human?

Born in ancient Persia, Leila turned to her house Jinni, Kouros, for help escaping an arranged marriage. Kouros did make it impossible for her to marry—by cursing Leila to live a thousand years as a Jinni herself.

If she can remain unBound, Leila's curse will soon be over. But Ozan Sawyer, a Magi with the ability to See, Call, and Bind jinn has other plans. Oz needs Leila to help him penetrate Pittsburgh's steel-soaked magic, a juice potent but poisonous to supernatural creatures, in order to find a missing girl with her own mysterious connection to Kouros. Unfortunately for Leila, becoming Bound to Oz may risk more than just her chance to be human once more—it could risk her very soul...

Jinn and Juice is the first in a new series by fantasy writer, Nicole Peeler, set in a world of immortal curses, powerful jinni and belly dancing.

My Rating:
I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review, all reviews and opinions are my own.

First of all I must start out saying how much I love this covor, the purples and blues so pretty. Secondly I was so excited to read this since it had Jinn in the book and I haven't read many books with Jinn in them. I also liked how the Jinn are portrayed as tricksters or just plain mean if you aren't careful what you wish for.

The world building was done well, enough where everything is understandable. I thought it was neat how the pockets of fey realms were called sideways in this book. I never heard of that term used that way before. I wish those pockets that are build into sideways was explained a little bit better kind of hard to understand how it is done. The only confusion I had with the plot was when Leila was talking about going into sideways with out Charles and Rachel it was for there own good since they would be all but useless since Charles would be at the beck and call of his visions and Rachel is pretty much human. But near the end Charles goes all the way sideways and is fine, it does explain that he just doesn't tap into much of the power for seeing so that he can still walk and Rachel has to help him but it still seems like he was still able to help and not be completely useless. Maybe when Leila stated that Charles would be useless she was underestimating his abilities, or being protective. I could see that.

The romance between Leila and Oz seemed forced to me at the beginning but near the end it was better. I think maybe it was just because she wanted to hate him for being her master that it came a crossed that way. Oz is really out of his element through this whole thing learning about this other world and there rules that he never knew existed before becoming a Magi.

I really liked Charles and Rachel their characters were unique and I would like to know more about Charles and Leila's past since they have been friends for many, many years. I was sad to not read more about the Kitsune. I hope we will see more of him as the books progress I can see him getting into all sorts of mischief and Leila having to bail him out. The only problem character wise I had an issue with is Trip and Trap, it was hard to picture them clearly in my mind. First I pictured them as regular wraiths and then when they combined they would look like conjoined twins sort of. Then I was like that couldn't be right since they are a spider wraith. So then I was picturing there whole body basically conjoined together and them on there hands and feet like some sort of exorcist thing. I really wish there was a picture to help me here because now I am just coming up with creepy and scary looking things for these two. Love there names though.

Overall I am excited to read the next one and see how Leila deals with everything and how they go about finding answers to solve their predicament. Also side personal comment. Oz needs to get over it, I understand he doesn't want to push her into anything but obviously he isn't, but it is sweet none the less. 

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Claimed (Book #2) by Sarah Fine

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy, Romance
Published: March 24, 2015
Publisher: 47North
Pages: 332

Source: NetGalley
Galena Margolis, a brilliant scientist with a tragic past, is determined to fulfill her destiny and develop the vaccine that could save millions. Yet when Galena’s test subjects meet with foul play, it’s clear that someone is still determined to stop her, and that Galena herself is a target. As the Ferry empire forges a plan to keep her safe, Declan Ferry, the politics-hating black sheep of the family, steps forward to protect her—but the emotional cost may be more than either of them is willing to pay.

As unknown enemies close in, it becomes terrifyingly clear that they threaten to destroy not only Galena’s lifesaving work but also the very fabric of fate. As Galena and Declan race to uncover the traitor, they also forge a special bond that could save both Galena and those she’s sworn to help. Torn apart by the past and hunted by those she trusted, can Galena find room amidst her fears for a passion that could make her stronger than ever? And even if she and Declan can find their way together, will it be enough to keep the future from coming apart at the seams?

My Rating:

I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review, all reviews and opinions are my own.

This is the second book in the Servants of Fate series if you would like to see my review on the first book Marked please click here: Review, There should be no spoilers in this review for either book but there might be minor ones since it is the second book.

This one had way more romance compared to the first one. Even though this one wasn't all about kicking ass and taking names it was still good. I connected with Galena because I understood how frustrating and daunting it can seem when you like and want to be with someone but your past keeps getting in the way. So the Ferry's, Galena, and Eli all have to come up with some way to keep Galena safe. Which throws Dec and Galena into closer proximity and feelings sprout into something more. Even through this whole ordeal many of the characters view Galena as weak and even herself sometimes, but when in the end she stands up and fights for what is right now matter how daunting her past is.

I know many who would run away from there past or find a vice to drown in, and she kind of does that with her work to ignore it but that never really works. Once she realizes that she does something about it. I was rooting the whole time for Galena and Declan if anyone could have gotten close to her it is someone that is as understanding and patient as Declan was with her.

There is a bit of a plot twist with the bad guy that I did not see coming. Oh man do I wish I could discuss it here but I don't want to ruin the series for anyone. I am super excited to read the third book which will be about Aislin. I still don't know how I feel about her. In the first book I kind of hated her... for reasons, and then by the end of the first book she seemed okay but then in the beginning of this book again she seemed stand offish and cold which I understand you are head of a company and head of the Ferry's you kind of have to be, but still. I can't wait to get inside her head a little bit and see what is all going on and see what she is really like.

Also I will note they go into this spirit realm to send off the spirit to heaven or hell right and the place is described as spongy and has no color, so you can run through most walls or doors as long as it's not to thick in places. All I keep picturing is a world that is made up of Styrofoam or big bouncy house of some sort. Loved how Galena reacted to this new realm, it is exactly what I would do if someone opened a door way to some other  realm.

Very good series and now I can't wait for the third book to come out. I need to know more about Moros. 

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March Wrap - Up

Marked by Elisabeth Naughton
Rating -★★★
This is the first book in the Eternal Guardians series. This was surprisingly good and now I can't wait to continue on with the others. I liked Casey and am now wondering how her and her sister will play into the future books. I have the third book to this series so I just have to get the second one before I can continue on.

Reaper Madness by Nessie Strange
Rating - ★★★
This is the second book in the Living Dead World series. In this one Jen is finally a reaper and we get to see her deal with the dead world. Definitely a book that had me on the emotional roller coaster. I am still confused on which team I should be.  I have a longer review here: Review

First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones
Rating - ★★★
This is the first book in the Charley Davidson series. I loved loved loved this one. I can't wait to continue on and read more of this series. She is all sass and full of sarcastic remarks which I can really relate to. Also kinda had me laughing at the part when she is described as being bright and shiny. I was wondering if sparkly vampires were going to make there way into this book but I think this was done really well.

Marked by Sarah Fine
Rating - ★★★★☆
This is the first book in the Servants of Fate Trilogy. Very good start to the series I wish the world building would have been a bit better but overall pretty good. I have a longer review here: Review 

Dark Prince by Christine Feehan
Rating - ★★
This is the first book in the Dark series. I have read this book before when it first came out and I have read I believe up through half way of book 3. I just never got into this series and at the time I couldn't remember why. Now rereading this book I am afraid that I remember why and that the men in the books were to pig headed for my liking. I will keep trying but I have a bad feeling about it. Hopefully as I keep reading they get better. Also the phrase little one, got on my nerves I swear it was used 50 million times!

Gates of thread and Stone by Lori M. Lee
Rating - ★★★
This is the first book in the Gates of Thread and Stone series. I am glad I got to read this, I have been wanting to pick this one up for some time. I was intrigued by this book simply because of the cover, then I read the summary and needed to find out more. I have a longer review here: Review

Web of Death by Jennifer Estep (short story)
Rating - 
This is a short story set in between books one and two. This is book 1.5 in the Elemental Assassin series. This is about when she is moving into Fletchers house which is now hers since she received it upon his death. But of course something happens and she must go investigate and become the spider once more. 

The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King
Rating - ★★★★☆
This is the second book in The Dark Tower series. This one was a lot better than the first one. I actually enjoyed reading it and it gives me hope for the rest of the series. The gunslinger is faced with three doors on this never ending beach or island or so it seams and he must help them to gain allies on his quest. This book really states how one life can touch so many others.

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater
Rating - 
This is the second book in The Wolves of Mercy Falls. This one is a bit slow but the ending kind of made up for that and left enough of a cliff hanger for me that I still want to continue on. I liked the different view points each chapter that also kept the story alive for me, I am liking Isabelle and Cole chapters more and more.

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon
Rating - ★★★
This is the first book in The Bone Season series. This was so so so so good! I can not wait to read the second book and then I am going to wallow in sadness waiting for the others to come out. I still don't know exactly what the symbol on the cover means but I am hoping it has something to do with the seven dials. It was hard to get into at first only because I had to keep flipping between four different pages but once I got through that it was good.

Wasted by Jennifer Estep (short story)
Rating - ★★★★☆
This is a short story set in between books two and three. This is book 2.7 in the Elemental Assassin series.  This is told from Finn's point of view and very good. I didn't think I would like hearing from his point of view because of how he likes any girl near him but it wasn't to bad. You also get to see how Finn was trained by his dad with his favorite weapons.

Tangled Threads by Jennifer Estep
Rating - ★★★★☆
This is book four in the Elemental Assassin series. Okay so the spider is tired of the fire elemental and has decided to go after her and take down her empire but oh wait Mab the fire elemental is tired of the spider as well so what happens. Mab hires and assassin to kill the assassin. Trouble ensues. I think Gin grows in this book a lot emotionally she is learning to lean on her friends and family and learning to open up a bit to show them the real her. 

Okay those are all the books I read for the month of March. Don't expect the list to be this long for next month I got lots going on with writing (hopefully) and getting read for my move. From the middle of April till probably the first or second week of May I will be busy in Oklahoma so if my blog only gets a couple of posts because of that I am sorry ahead of time. I know I have probably about three or four reviews for this month and hopefully I can type them up and do them justice. 

Camp NaNoWriMo has begun! And of course I am participating, I only have a goal of about 10,000 words which is the smallest amount you can do but I think I can handle that with everything else I need to do. I am going to revise my original novel and hopefully get it all finished with and done to how I like it. I have the ending that needs a major edit which is going to add a bunch of words and if I have enough time I might also rework a middle part that is not making me happy.

This is the month of sleep deprivation and long car rides! But  I will do it and be stronger because of it and happier to not be in Iowa any longer. Things will change and change will be good to get me back in the fighting spirit.