Friday, April 11, 2014

Book / Movie Review of Divergent and Ender's game / Writing update

Okay so earlier this week I went and saw Divergent and I also watched Ender's game after reading the book. I have also read the Divergent trilogy. I always like to read the book before watching the movie, that way I can see the similarities and differences between the two. Of course the book is better overall, but I like to see how close they come to actual book.

Okay first I will discuss Divergent. First off I have noticed lately in a lot of movie endings they like changing the ending. For the most part it ends the same its just how they get to the ending that differs. But overall I liked the movie. I especially liked the fear challenges she had to do and how they were portrayed. I just found out that they are going to be doing the last movie Allegiant in two parts. I still don't know how they are going to fully do this. The last book didn't have to much that was going on. Though I am intrigued on what the movies will be like.

On to the second movie I watched. Ender's Game! I have had the movie on my shelf for quiet a while, ever since it came out on dvd. I also had the book on my shelves to read. I finally was like okay I have to read this so I can finally watch the movie. The movie was kind of slow and didn't interest me as much as I thought it would. The book was more exciting then the movie. I also didn't like how they had to do the timeline. I know they have to fit all the information in to a certain amount of time. But that made it feel rushed. In the movie his training seems to take place all within a year. In the book it was over five or six years. I also did not like how Bean was introduced right away. I did like how they put the video game he played in space in there, I liked seeing the castle and giant depicted. The ending battle felt more like a battle to me then it did in the book. That is the one plus. Again though they changed the ending. And this time in a major way. I know in the book they were more grown up when he went to another planet with his sister but still, they traveled together. Also the movie left out the whole plot with Ender's sister and brother. I did not like that, it was a major point and also showed how crazy and psychotic Peter was.

Over all if I did not read the book Ender's game before watching the movie I would have been bored from the movie and probably not  have read the book. That is why I always make myself try to read the book first.


Okay Earlier I said I would do a big update on how my writing is coming so far this month. Well the main answer is I am a bit behind in my word count for the month. I typed up everything I had by Tuesday and I was supposed to be at about 11,000 words and I was only at about 6,500 words. So I am a little bit behind. I hope to make it up this weekend though. We will see. So far I have not really ran into any problems, such as plot holes or writers block. So that is a plus. 

The only problem that might happen and one I am kind of worrying over is when Lexi gets trapped in her mother's past body and has to relieve her memories. I think I will keep it in first person and hope its not to confusing but might go another way with it. I am not quite there yet so the story can always change by then.When I first started this story I thought that Lexi was going to go right into the past and not deal to much with the present, but of course my character has a mind of her own. She had to have a reason to go back in the past and find answers there. So she made me go this way instead. It is her story to tell why not. I'm just the writer, writing her story. 

I think the only reason I got behind in the first place was because I couldn't write one of the nights at work. These people made me turn up the music and most of the time I have to have total silence when writing. Every once and a while I can have noise but nothing that holds my interest. So no songs that I will start singing to and no movies that I haven't seen before. 

The scene I had the most fun with so far is when she for the first time turns fully into a badger. I love the imagery I could put into the scene. And especially the confusion that took place the next morning. Lexi doesn't remember most of what happened  and Jason (a Dragon shifter) and a guard finds her burrowed under leaves for warmth. 
 Also because it is a must to show off what some of my characters look like here is what I think Flare, the younger elemental sister looks like. Of course please remember these are pictures of their adult selves, right now they are little girls.
And this is the eldest sister Flame. 

I can not yet find a picture that closely represents the Sear the middle sister but I will keep searching and let you guys know if I find something. 


  1. good luck with your writing. I haven't seen both of those movies...I read Ender's Game a long time ago, but enjoyed Ender's Shadow more. (I read that one first so that could it)

    1. I just looked up what that story was about and I found out it is about Bean. I really want to read that one now! Thanks for telling me about that one. I didn't know there was another series with some of the same characters.