Thursday, January 16, 2014

Update / Currently Reading

I finished Never Fade, it was great! I can't wait till the next book comes out. Now I'm on to reading Innocence by Dean Koontz.

Also an update on my 2nd book Outcast, it doesn't look like I will finish it this month. But that's okay I can finish it February if anything. So far I am about 20,000 words into it I hope to get to about 35,000 words or more by the end of the month. I do not have a summary yet worked out for the book. But I can say it's about:

A College girl named Bree who is born into a pack but has not wolf shape. Of course the pack looks down on her and her family for this. She moves to Boise Idaho about 20 min. away from the woods her pack runs through. She currently resides in Lamia's a vampire bar where one of her good friends Lione works and has hired her to keep track of the books. Bree and her other friend Tava who is a witch have been best friends forever. They are now starting College together. Will Bree be able to handle working for the vampires, being friends with witches, be at her pack meetings, and handle a full school load. Oh and did I mention lately she has been seeing a spirit wolf walking through her dreams and day to day life? Has she gone crazy or is she just tired. What will Bree do?

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