Saturday, January 25, 2014

Reading update / Writing

I finished Innocence by Dean Koontz a few days ago and I did post a review on goodreads. I will post it here though as well.

 Omg Dean Koontz you did it again. It was hard for me to ever put this book down and stop reading. He kept me intrigued till the very end. I love how his books always make you think about the possibilities of life and what it entails. Makes you question everything. This book intrigues you with wondering how disfigured this main character has to be in order to enrage so many people. In the end I was shocked not even thinking of that possibility.

 Now I am on to reading Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep.

Very interesting so far. As for my book that I ordered it looks like I will have it by late Monday or Tuesday. I can't wait! I have already added to chapter one and broke it up into two parts. In the beginning I am adding a whole bunch of new stuff. I think it will be more interesting this way and will provide more information that is needed for the reader to understand some things later in the book. I have been toying with the idea for book two for a couple weeks now and now I have idea's coming to me for a book three. I have also been revising my summary for Echoes from a Hollow Soul, so the back of the book will be as perfect as what held with in its pages.

Also for the end of the month I will be writing a blog on my January book haul, of all the books I received in January. And at the end of February I will be meeting one of my favorite authors Kim Harrison! I cant wait there will probably be lots of pictures for that as well. Lots to come!

Things to think on or comment on:
Where do you get your story ideas?
How many books are in your to read pile?


  1. I never read anything by Koontz. Right now I'm reading The Worst Witch in Trouble by Jill Murphy. Mostly for nostalgia sake, because I loved the movie as a kid. Then it's Twilight Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko

    1. I've seen the Night watch movies I believe there is only three of them... or at least that is how many I have seen so far. I have wanted to pick up the Night watch books for a while now I have so many books in my too read pile but I will get to that series one day. How do you like the series?

    2. I really like them. Though,I think it might get a bit tired if you read them all at once since the format is similar and they are a bit longer.