Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Review: When Smiles Fade by Paige Dearth

Genre: Horror, Mystery
Published: January 30, 2013
Publisher: Createspace
Pages: 470

Source: Netgalley
Emma was unloved from the moment she was born. Her earliest memory is being severely beaten by her father, Pepper Murphy, when she was eight-years-old. Seething with resentment over the sacrifice of his dreams for a woman he cares little about and children he never wanted, Pepper chooses to blame his oldest daughter. Her mother, Valerie, makes matters worse with her verbal abuse, leaving Emma isolated with a man that had no boundaries in punishing his daughter, taking his abuse to unimaginable levels.

Emma's father's coldblooded beatings and the ultimate abuse to which he subjects her, lays the foundation of the person she becomes. As she matures into a resourceful teenager, she is unwilling and unable to stifle her desire for revenge. Reaching her breaking point she can no longer control the impulse to fight back and finally takes matters into her own hands.

Having learned the art of hatred from her father and the mastery of manipulation from her mother, young Emma now sets out to make a better life for herself, leaving the memory of the abused child she had once been behind her. Hardened by the heartless brutality she encounters and the dangerous situations she must overcome in the course of her journey, she faces every challenge that comes her way in her quest for a normal life for herself and for those she loves.

Finally a person emerges from within that guides her toward a better life until she learns of a secret that sets her on the path of ultimate redemption.

My Rating:
I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review, all reviews and opinions are my own.

This was a hard book to read let alone write a review for.

I can say yes I had a hard time reading this book I think if one didn't one would have to question why. I didn't like the beginning all that much it was more about facts than story or so it seemed to me but once Emma got out on the streets the story and characters seemed to open up a bit more, though it did do some skipping around so we didn't get to see what happened in the years between. I do praise Paige for talking about such a tough subject especially when one has lived through some of the horrors I know I would have a hard time of it. If I did I feel it would be more about the facts than the story and almost no emotion. I think one of the reasons why the beginning of the book was so tough for me is that Emma's mother has some qualities that are a lot like my own mother. I am glad I made myself read it all, even though I went slow, that was more personal reasons than the writing. I am so happy when others pain and anger turn into something wonderful, pain and anger do not have to be destructive they can help motivate you and strive to create. I can not wait to read the other novels by this author, though I will have to take some time in between each of them. 

The end though I at first was like she is a stronger person than I and then it turned and I was like yea that is more like it! Some times it is hard to be the better person, especially when other people make it easy not to be. That is why I feel so many people get lost in drugs and alcohol as well, not to mention murder, they find it easier and better than living with what they went through. 

Also by what I have seen all of these books are connected a little, I like that because now it makes me want to hear a little more of the other stories.

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