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Review: Burning Both Ends (Book #3) by Ally Shields

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Published: September 16, 2013
Publisher: Etopia Press
Pages: 288
"Friend or lover. Life or death..."

Supernatural cop Ari Calin arrives at the hostile Toronto vampire court with an ultimatum from the Riverdale vampires: Sebastian, Toronto's vampire prince, must stop his unprovoked attacks--or else. Ari wasn't expecting a fight--the "or else" was typical vampire grandstanding. But even with vampire Andreas De Luca by her side for a show of strength, things get ugly fast. Toronto's vampire world is in crisis, and surrounded by enemies, Ari and Andreas find themselves under attack.

That's when Ari gets the call from the Magic Council ordering her home. Steffan, a good friend and leader of Riverdale's werewolves, has gone missing during top secret negotiations with the US government, and is believed to have been kidnapped--or killed.

Andreas can't abandon the Toronto vampires, and Ari can't leave him to face impossible odds alone. But neither can she disobey her orders from the Council, or leave her friend Steffan to be tortured and killed. Ari's loyalties pull her in two directions--the closest thing to love she's ever known on one side, and friendship and duty on the other. If she can stay alive long enough for the choice to matter...

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About the Author:
Ally Shields was born and raised in the Midwest, along the Mississippi River, the setting for the Guardian Witch urban fantasy series. After  earlier careers as a teacher, lawyer and Juvenile Court Officer, she turned to full-time writing in 2009. She still lives near Des Moines with her Miniature Pinscher, Ranger. When not writing or reading, she loves traveling in the US and abroad. Way too often she can be found on Twitter.

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I received this book from Red Moon Book Tours for the book tour, all reviews and opinions are my own. If you would like to check out the rest of the blog tour click here for the official schedule.

I also have a review of the first book here and the second book here.

I like the cover in this one I mean all the covers are done really well but this is the first one I can see an up close picture of this charm bracelet she is talking about in each book. I can not get enough of Andreas and Ari, even though they have their problems like any couple they still make it work. Even when everything looks bleak and not fixable they some how make it through. I loved how this one wrapped up and can't wait to see what they do with Bella's kittens. I can just see the kittens harassing the vampires and guards of the vampires.

Ari deals remarkably well with little to no sleep for like three days and all the added stress of everyone needing her. I know she bit off a couple of heads and only had one crying fit I think after three days off basically no sleep she did pretty well. I like how strong of a character she is becoming. Even her powers are growing and that scares her a little but she works on it and Andreas try's to distract her from time to time.

Gabriel is an interesting character and I hope we see more of him, I like how funny and care free he tries to be, which is needed I think because most vampires we have seen a lot of are to serious for their own good. 

I really enjoyed this series so far and hope to continue on and finish this one up really soon I need to know how everything plays out. It has cast it's spell on me and has me enthralled.  


Fangs flashed where her cheek had been an instant before. Ari whirled, crouching to meet the vampire’s return charge, and her fingers sparked, witch blood clamoring for action. Refusing its urgent call, she threw the magic powder as he wheeled and sped toward her in a blur. Green particles sparkled. A loud thump. The vampire recoiled from the invisible barrier and took two staggering steps. A direct hit. Before a smile more than touched her lips, the dark figure recovered and leaped. Ari backpedaled, but his weight drove her to the hard ground.

He grinned down at her, a lock of dark hair falling across his forehead. Trapping her arms above her head, he leaned close, his dark eyes glittering. He brushed her lips with his and whispered, “Better—but not yet good enough.” Andreas shifted his six-foot, muscled body, sprang up, and offered her a hand.

Ignoring the courtesy, Ari scrambled to her feet. Getting pinned by your boyfriend wasn’t always a good thing. “Back off, bloodsucker,” she grumbled. She shook out the fallen leaves and pine needles that clung to her long, honey-colored hair.

Andreas chuckled. A rich, warm sound. “Touchy tonight. Did I put your nose out of joint, little witch? And here I was, trying to help with your training.” Andreas glided across the forest clearing with the smooth grace of a natural predator. He collected their cell phones from under a park bench where they’d stashed them earlier in the evening and handed her one.

“Thanks.” Ari avoided his eyes. Damn right she was annoyed. She was competitive, and second place wasn’t good enough—even against a master level vampire. Especially one who wasn’t really trying to kill her.

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