Thursday, October 15, 2015

How I complete DNF books

Most people make blog posts about why they did not finish a certain book. Or at least the reasons that brought upon the unfinished books. I strive to read each and every book even if I dislike it. I feel accomplished then to defeat something that otherwise would have bothered me if I didn't finish it. I mean what if it got good the last part of the book that some what saved the rest of the book, and then forever I will always question how the book ended if I never finished it. There are only two books so far that I own/ have read that I have not followed through on this and to this day it still bothers me that I have not read those books all the way through. The two books are Violin by Anne Rice and False Memory by Dean Koontz. False Memory I have tried reading two or three times and each time I get about 100 pages in and get distracted by something else. Violin was just to bleh for me its basically about living with a dead body and Anne Rice's writing style is very poetic that it seems to put me to sleep which almost never happens or at least with that book I haven't read anything else by her.

But back when I read those two books I didn't do what I do now. So you want to know my powerful secret, well unfortunately it isn't much of one. For one I usually read other books with these boring books so that I don't make myself get into a reading slump, which I don't really get, but that's another discussion all together. I also try to read 25 pages a day of the book at least if I'm really dragging on the book. This helps complete it in a timely  manner rather than having it sit on my reading list forever until I finally decide to pick the book back up again someday.

Now series I will sit down and not finish if I didn't really like the first book unless if I already have the whole series or most of the series then its a bit harder to put down. I will also pick it back up if I have a buddy that will read it with me or to push me to read the next one and give it another chance, but I most likely will then borrow the rest of the books from the library and not go out and buy them. Again this is just my opinion and how I go about reading.

Does it bother you to not finish a book or a series? When is the point you will read to when you know for sure you will DNF a book?

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