Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Paper Masque (Book #3) by Jessica Dall

Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance
Published: December 4, 2014
Publisher: 5 Prince Publishing
Pages: 283

Source: The author sent me this book in exchange for an honest review.
     Elsie Wembley has never suffered boredom gladly. Oldest of three—and second in line to the throne—she knows Carby like the back of her hand, always staying only one step ahead of trouble. When Elsie meets button-down Laurence Flynn, however, it seems she may finally have found someone to keep her out of it for good—at least until his secrets catch up to them.

     With war on the horizon and nothing certain, Book 3 of The Broken Line Series continues in a quickly changing world.

My Rating:
Elsie is kind of a mix between Mary and Adela, but she is still very much her own person. She just seems to have a few qualities from the other two, like for example Elsie easily gets bored with things and doesn't like sitting still which she got from Adela. Though like her mother Mary she also doesn't really want all that comes with being royal either. 

I remember when reading this that the main character Elsie reminds me of cat woman with how much climbing and getting into places she's not supposed to. When I first started reading this book and seeing her be with more than one guy, I thought uhoh not another Adela but I really started to like this character as the story went on. I liked her views on things and how forward thinking they were for that time, she also tried to find ways around things like with the up coming war. 

I thought it was funny you do get to see Antony in this book as well, he is that one character that has stuck through all three books and the novella that is out. You just get a glimpse of him in here at a really old age but he is still kicking and drawing as usual. I wish we would have seen a little bit more of him but Elsie and him didn't seem to get along to well or at least she didn't much care for him.

I really like Third he was like the perfect hero, I won't spoil anyone for what happens but he just saves the day in many different ways. 

I am not sure of what I think of this cover, it's not as extravagant as the other covers but that is kind of understandable since it is in a different time but it feels plain next to the other ones for me. Maybe if the character on the book was wearing one of her party dresses it would have been more eye catching.

Over all I again really enjoyed this book like many of Jessica Dall's other books. The writing is done really well, and she definitely paints a picture with words. There are still two more novella's that are set to come out one will be about Mary  right after the second book and I am guessing the third one will be about Elsie and set after the third book. There isn't much known on the third novella quiet yet but if you keep an eye out on her blog which is,, she will post more on the novella's as they are about to come out. I am not sure if there will be more books in the series or not but I do plan on and am can't wait to read the two novella's that will be coming out in the future.


  1. This sounds like such a fun book! Maybe I need to read the first two!

    Lovely review :-)

    1. Thanks! Yes I definitely recommend this series.