Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy and Sad all the Same

 I first want to start out by saying I have had a very busy month. Even with having a vacation at the start of the month, coming back from that long trip I felt like I need another one just to recuperate from that one. I did get a massive amount of books. (about 23 books) Had lots of fun with setting off fireworks for the fourth of July and a great time with my Aunt. We also got to pet some horses which I am in love with and hope to ride some time in the future when we do move there.

At this point I haven't gotten any writing done but I am still determined to get something in. I wanted to finish my edits but I might have to scrap that idea and just continue on writing on one of my stories I have already started. We will see I am hoping to start writing once I catch up on some other things.

When I got home I did have a couple of packages waiting for me and one of them was my books
I ordered through createspace. Again I still have to fix the last three chapters but up till then I think it is pretty good. I am going to be sending it to my Aunt who we visited this month and see how she likes it.

This has really been a tough month with just trying to motivate my self to accomplish things. I usually would have spent July 4th with my grandma but she is no longer here to do such things. Since she just passed earlier this year all the holidays I had spent with her specifically are going to be hard months in general. I miss her terribly and hope once the pain is a bit easier to deal with that I can write the story I have planned to dedicate to her.

Trying to stay positive even if I don't get everything accomplished for this month like I wanted to.

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