Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kim Harrison Event

February 26th - March 1st we went to Bloomington Minnesota. Allen and I were originally going there for Mall of America just a kind of little get away. Then I found out Kim Harrison was going to be near Mall of America doing a book signing of her new book The Undead Pool. She also did a Q&A and did sign previous books as well. This is her twelfth book out and she only has one more due out some time next year in 2015. At the event she did mention that the thirteenth book was all done just going through the process of becoming published. I was so excited to be there I got there at 3 pm and the event didn't even start till 7 pm. She also gave us a scare by saying that morning she wasn't sure if she would be able to make it since her flight was canceled. But everything went great because she got there in plenty of time. I met two new friends there, who were there quite early as well so we chatted the whole time about the series. We ended up exchanging info and come to find out one of the girls also likes to write on Nanowrimo so I found a reading / writing buddy! yay! The other girl is thinking about trying it one day... I hope to read something of her's soon.
I had so much fun meeting with my two new friends and Kim. I will have pictures up soon in another post.

We also had a blast at Mall of America finally got to go to see the aquarium part of it. The sharks and fish were exciting to see and learn about. I  love zoo's and aquariums! We also did lots of shopping of course! I was really sick on the last day so we didn't get to do any put put golfing but we can always do that next time. I also found out Dean  Koontz has a movie out for Odd Thomas!!! I freaked out since we could have ordered it through the tv where we were staying... but no now I have to wait till it comes out on dvd and see if it is any good. Like I said I will have pictures up at a later time this week or weekend and I will also go into detail what I am planning to write for CampNaNoWriMo which will be starting April 1st. 

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