Saturday, March 29, 2014

Grandma's are Special

As some of you may know I work in a hotel overnight. Last night was an emotional roller coaster of  feelings and a night that made me very happy I could be a part of. At 3 A.M. I noticed an elderly lady come off of the elevators so I went out to the front desk to see what I could help her with. She was very confused and wasn't sure which room she was in. But she wanted to get back into her room. I asked her for her name to see if i could find which room she was in but could not find it in the system. I went up with her to the floor she thought she was on and tried to jog her memory that way, to find her room. After a bit of time she remembered her granddaughter's last name and her granddaughter had  rooms under her name so I called up and told her that her grandma was down here at the front desk and she came down to get her and help her back up to her room. 

The reason this hit so close to home was that the elderly lady reminded me a lot of my own grandma that I have recently lost. And I miss her terribly. I am glad I got the chance to help this woman and her family. When I cam into work tonight they left me a box and card... I know my name isn't spelled right but that is not the thing that matters. Here I'll show you what was all included. 

I thought I would share this since I have been thinking of my grandma a lot recently and thinking more about writing that book that I would like to dedicate to her and maybe even to all grandma's. There is no other person like a grandma. You know what I mean. 

All right enough of these roller coaster feelings and time to get back to reading my book. I must finish it before April 1st. I am more then half way down with Ruins so I should be done with it in no time. And I have to go to my friend Bianca's baby shower tomorrow. I am going to be so busy next month what with writing my second book (which I will keep you guys posted on) and trying to read through at least two books that come out that month. And thinking of warmer places to move to. (If you guys have any ideas for where we should move to, let me know in the comments down below)

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