Saturday, June 21, 2014

Busy reading month / Writing updates

Another busy reading month for me. Right now I am working on reading through The Porcelain Child by Jessica Dall this is book 2 in the Broken Line series she did a cover reveal earlier this month.
This book will be available July 3, 2014.

Summary: With less than a decade of stable rule behind them, Lord Protector Richard Seymour has passed away leaving the country once again in turmoil. With her connection to the old regimes, seemingly on all sides thanks to her mother, Adela, Mary might find herself pulled into the heat of battle whether she wants it or not.

Book 2 of The Broken Line Series, The Porcelain Child picks up with the next generation thrown into the mix.

So far I am really enjoying the book and am liking Mary a whole lot more than I did Adela. I will have a written review of this coming soon.

Shortly after that I do hope to get to Blades of the Old Empire by Anna Kashina before the end of the month. Or at least start it. I am trying to get through the last little bit of Shadow's Edge by Brent weeks. So I can start on Blades of the Old Empire. I didn't know if I could read two fantasy's at the same time. Since most fantasy's have lots of hard names and places to keep straight I thought I would finish with Shadow's Edge before starting the next fantasy book.

Writing Updates:

I do plan to finish revising the rest of my first novel that I have completed. I hope to have that done by this Tuesday. That way I can have it done and get my two free paperbacks through Createspace. Then I can have my Aunt and a few friends read it. Then of course I will probably have to do more revisions after that before I am happy to possibly think about publishing it. I am also getting ready for Camp NaNoWriMo in July. I have decided to only writ 10,000 words since I will be on Vacation and busy with other things. I hope to write more than that but we will see. I still haven't really decided what I will be writing on it will probably either be on Outcast or A Soul Forgotten. I might even try to write a short story but we will see what writing mood I am in. 

So what are you're July plans?

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