Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Little Holiday

So for the past four days I have not been writing. I know bad Rocki! But in my defense I did go on a little holiday getaway with my significant other Allen since it was our anniversary and his birthday is today so it was a two for one special. Anyway on our little getaway I went shopping for books because how could I not right! So at the first book store I went to there were books up front that were all at a bargain price... most of them were set to $2... How could I not buy these!!! I mean How am i supposed to stop myself. So I ended up buying like 16 there. Then we went to another store in a mall and they had used books for cheap as well and I ended up buying 2 there even though there were a total of five that I wanted... see i have some restraint. Then we ended up going to this third one I have never been to and I just bought one from there even though I saw four that I wanted. I am getting better at saying no to books I swear!  Okay I'm not you caught me. Then when we came home I forgot that I wanted to get the next book to Spider's bite by Jennifer Estep so I had to go to barnes and noble and see if they have it there... of course they don't but they did have the third books so I thought why not and got that one. Now I have to go online and get the second one. While shopping the first time when I bought 16 books I got a Kitty Norville novel I think it was like book seven and I have only read the first three novels so I have to go and get the fourth one of that... so I will have a very big February book haul vlog...

Speaking about Vlog's I do have a new one up just click on the vlog button at the top and it will take you to my video's. Those books I wont list out like I did in my book haul one because they are books I have read and I have a list of those for this year in the reading tab. I should be back to writing/editing tomorrow but we will see.



  1. oh my so many books. I can only keep a bout 4 or 5 in my 'to read' stack before it just seems overwhelming.

    1. I am very overwhelmed but hopefully I get to them all someday